Homemade Stuff

I picked up a homemade Hello Kitty pajama pant, and it is really nice. It’s actually got a sewing error, but the overall feel of the fabric and elastic is so good, it such a contrast to how flimsy stuff from the store has become.

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I’ve replaced hoarding with bibliomania or tsundoku.

I used to gather all kinds of books, but right now, am focusing on buying anything related to Japanese American history, particularly in Los Angeles.

I used to pick up a lot of computer books, but I’m far behind on those, and will just be reading those for now. Likewise, I need to plow through the statistics books I’ve bought.

RC Nippon Toki Kaisha – aka Noritake, what a unusual find!

It doesn’t say Noritake on it, but it’s from the company that makes Noritake. ┬áNoritake is the name of the city where the company, Nippon Toki Kaisha, operated. When they started exporting products to the US, they used the name Noritake along with the other names, and that eventually became the brand name. In 1981, nearly a century from the company’s founding, it became the brand name in Japan, as well.

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