SI Hayakawa at SF State

This was an interesting find. A 1968 Time magazine article on SI Hayakawa who was appointed to president at SF State during the student strike that gave birth to ethnic studies.

They used his liberal credentials (what was then considered liberal) and his skin color to push a reactionary (conservative) agenda to stop the student strike. They still do things like this today, but do not say it as explicitly as they would in this article.

Time 1968



Dehoarding: Japanese American and Asian 1960s Ephemera First Lot

These photos show a portion of the material in this group of documents. There is a cartoon book, a pack of Ainu postcards, several Japanese American newspapers, clippings, civic publications from different Asian countries, and a Little Tokyo business map. All 1960s. This isn’t yet listed for auction. Contact if you want to purchase it or pay to have it sent to some archive.



Dehoarding: Readers Digest, Coronet, Pageant

Readers’ Digest – a pro-USA somewhat center-conservative magazine with a huge circulation. Several issues will be auctioned. (Interestingly enough, Lila Wallace was a big funder of NPR, so, I think accusations that NPR is “liberal” are overblown.) Some of these have mold.

Coronet – another even more conservative magazine. Just a couple of these.

Pageant – a populist, almost hard-boiled magazine. Fun to read. There’s a funny article about how office work will be in 1980, written in the 1950s. The entire article is photographed here.

I cannot keep taking this many photos. Future posts will be less comprehensive.

Bad news: I found out that magazines this damaged cannot be sold on Ebay. They are water damaged and some have mold. They’ll be listed on Craigslist, locally. If you want to buy them mail, contact me at and we can arrange for postage.  Price is free.


For Your Consideration: “FYC”… a way to get full seasons of TV shows, and movies on DVD, cheap

Every year, the networks, cable stations, streaming stations, movie studios, and other media companies send out fancy DVD sets called “screeners” to the people who vote on the Emmys, Oscars, SAG Awards, and so forth.

You can find these on Ebay by searching for “FYC”.

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