Ohitsu – a Rice Serving Bowl

I didn’t even know what this was called, but it was calling out to me!

My mom has a similar bowl, but it’s made of plastic. You use it during nice dinners, to show off the rice.

This bowl is made of wood. You can see the grain in it. You basically cannot find these online anymore.  Everything out there is plastic.  They’re not cheap, either. I’ve seen them for $30 and up.

So, I priced this at $60 or best offer. You can buy it through the link, or contact me directly.

The reason why I didn’t price it higher, is that it appears to have been refinished. My guess is that it got pretty beat up, and the owner went and re-coated it with something, and did a hell of a job sanding it smooth.

It’s quite pretty until you start looking at the artwork that’s been covered under layers of brown-tinted finish.

Oh well. It’s still a nice bowl, and you just can’t find wooden bowls like this inexpensively anymore.


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