Mysterious Taco Bell Shirt

This shirt is for sale on Ebay. Mens M.

I thought it might be a scavenger hunt prize, but it wasn’t. It was something Taco Bell used to sell on their website. It’s a thin polyester material, and the design is printed on.

The original post is below. It’s still interesting info, and if you come across one of these rare scavenger hunt shirts, it might be worth buying.


I bought this on a whim, figuring that it was “Taco Bell” and weird, and only a couple dollars. A similar shirt had sold on Ebay, so it seemed a safe risk.

A search for this shirt on Ebay, Google, and Bing turned up nothing. The shirt’s tag said it was from Taco Bell. It also appeared to be part of an Internet Scavenger Hunt, but this wasn’t the same design at all.




There was one Ebay listing, for $104.

Here are my notes about this:

It appears to be part of the Taco Bell Internet Scavenger Hunt that Taco Bell
used in 2014 to promote the then-new Spicy Chicken Cool Ranch Doritos Logos Taco (DLT).

“To win some shirts, people had to find a specific Taco Bell “ghost” Twitter follower, @CoolKylieofCali and follow hints to the PacSun Web site. There, they had to search through merchandise to find a small hidden blue taco image, which eventually led them to a free shirt.” (MediaPost, May 23, 2014)

Note, however, that this is not the DLT shirt. This is a different taco, and
a different design.

It’s possible that this is a prototype shirt.

Deutsch LA is located in Culver City or Marina Del Rey, and this shirt was found at the Goodwill store in Hollywood between Vermont Ave and Franklin Ave.

Taco Bell shirt photo, from Taco Bell, 2016:

Reddit thread during the contest, from May 27, 2014:

May 22, 2014:

Nov 14, 2016:


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