Ebay Sales: Bag Clearance

I have several used laptop/messenger bags for sale at pretty low prices; basically comparable to prices at the thrift shop. A very nice Wenger is in the queue for tomorrow, but it’ll be expensive at around $25.

If you want an orange laptop bag that, I think, is by Chrome, but branded FirstLook, you can have it for $5 + shipping. It’s filthy inside, but sturdy, having survived 16 years and two dotcom bubbles. Not sure I’m going to list it because it’s dirty and has some holes.

Check it out – a micro-blowout.

If you have Tumi, Wenger, Chrome, or even Samsonite and Targus bags sitting around, sell them. Or give them to me 🙂 It’s back to school time, and people want bags. These sturdy bags last a long, long time and get a reasonable price.

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