Midcentury Japan, Kanagawa News

Kanagawa is probably unknown to most Americans (or any non-Japanese) but it’s one of the more famous areas of Japan because it’s next to Tokyo and Mr. Fuji, and is also the site for a well-known Hokusai painting.

I’m going to be listing late 1960s/early 1970s issues of Kanagawa Community News, a magazine from the region in the late 1960s. The prices will be pretty high, but I’ll try to photograph several internal pages so people can read them while it’s listed.

Published by the Kanagawa Foreign Affairs Department, the magazine’s audience was Americans doing business in Japan, or living in the area. The entire magazine was in English, and judging by the names, probably from the US or other former British colonies.

Each issue has a pretty consistent format:

  • News, with a bias toward business news, and usually about trade or manufacturing.
  • Articles about traditional Japanese art or culture.
  • History of Japan, usually about foreign diplomacy.
  • A feature on a factory in Kangawa.
  • News about development in Kanagawa, generally about some industrialization or infrastructure project.
  • A back cover of a traditional art form or performance.

This publication is very much about industrial modernization in Japan, but half of each book is devoted to history and art.



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