Nancy by Ernie Bushmiller, and a 50% off deal

I have a sale going on right now. Buy 1, and get 50% off the next 5 purchases of selected items. The items are the ephemera and magazines, mainly. Additionally, when you combine shipping on light items, you save money.  So, what might normally be a $9 item shipped could cost only $3 in the bundle.  Additionally, you could make an offer on some of the items, and I may accept it.

I’ll grant that the prices are fairly high, because these are mostly unique items.

Some of the items for sale are assorted, clipped newspaper comics, including the amazing Nancy, by Ernie Bushmiller.  The Nancy of today is a different cartoon. I hesitate to say it’s worse, because it’s not bad – it’s just not Bushmiller.

Partly, this is because newspapers are on the decline, and the comics are as well. Remember “United Features Syndicate”? They became United Media, had a good run, and eventually went bankrupt. The cartoons need to satisfy online readers as well as newspaper readers. It’s safer to do “funnies” than “sly chucklers” or “get it on the way homers.”


The flat, draughtsman-like drawing isn’t in vogue today, either.

These sets of Nancy cartoons are at least 16 strips per set. The paper is brown, and some clippings are starting to chip. You can get fresh copies via some reprints that were published in the 1990s, but these are the real strips from the LA Times and other papers, printed in the 1950s.



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