Somewhat Dead Stock

Last month, declutter69 store sales fell because I was listing ephemera, effectively using up the prepaid listings to sell low-volume items.  A couple weeks into September, I realized that relisting these was a dead end for now: new listings get more hype, and seem to sell faster. I need to dehoard the garage as quickly as possible.  Storing ephemera is simple: it goes into a folder… or goes into the trash, or a giveaway box.

I also had some space opening up in my bins, and wanted to fill it with faster-selling goodies, for quicker cash.

So, here’s photos and a list of things that aren’t going to be relisted immediately.  The prices are 40% less than the last listed prices.

I’m also up for trading canned food for this stuff (and the ebay stuff). You gather up stuff you don’t want, but that I do want, and send me a note.  We can make a deal, and you can pick some things to “buy” with your food. Click the link to see my Craigstlist ad.  I’m located in Boyle Heights/East LA.

Title, Quantity Available, Price

1939 Nash Car Ad / New Mexico, New Zealand ng, 1, 4.194
1939 Plymouth Car Ad / Yellowstone Park ng, 1, 4.194
1954 Nippon Times Directory of Foreign Residents Businesses Organizations Japan, 1, 18

Asics LA Marathon 2014 Running Shirt Mesh Polyester Wicking Material Women’s L, 1, 7.2
Dipping Saucer for Two Sauces, as Seen in Chinese Restaurants, 3, 1.2
Dockers Cut Off Shorts, Soft Khaki Vintage DIY Homemade, 1, 0

Electric Eel Shock Go Roskilde (DVD, 2003) The Bootleg DVD C, 1, 3.6
Firemen, 1957, Hefflenger & Hoffman, illustrated childrens book, G-, 1, 3
Franciscan Nassau Cosmopolitan China Saucer MCM Midcentury Modern, 3, 4.2

Legoland California Mug, I Heart Love Dad Fathers Day, Legos Cartoon, 1, 8.4
Light Blue Sparta Mug Cup, Made in England Nice Handles, 2, 1.8
Men’s White Cargo Shorts Cotton Sz 38 St. John’s Bay, 1, 6

Noritake 7548 Heather Salad Plate, 4, 3
OEM 1996-98 Nissan Quest XE 15″ Hubcap Wheel Cover p/n 40315-1B200 Repainted, 1, 4.2
OPERATION Game pieces – three pieces, money, cards, 1, 0.9

Pat Benatar Get Nervous Cassette Tape, 1, 1.2
Radica Big Screen Sudoku Electronic Handheld Travel Pocket Game No Stylus, 1, 0.6
Rare Taco Bell Doritos Locos Tacos Internet Scavenger Hunt Taco Shirt M DyeSub, 1, 60

RC Japan, Nippon Toki Kaisha, Butter Dessert Plate, Gold Trim, 8, 6
Retro Modern Bird, Elite Tray, Tin Beer Serving Platter, Midcentury 60s England, 1, 8.4
Run Disney World Star Wars 2016 Dark Side Challenge Running Shirt Med Womens, 1, 14.4

The Cycle of Health, Max Otto Garten, Natural Healing Book G-, 1, 9
VTG 6 Herb Flower Plates, Horchow Collection, Neiman Marcus, Japan, Botany, 1, 27
VTG Modern 1-Finger Coffee Mug, Speckled Oatmeal Glaze, Made in USA 1970s MCM, 1, 4.8

VTG Steelite Royal Doulton 1-Finger Coffee Mug, Hilton Hotels Hotelware, England, 1, 1.8
Whips Incorporated: Angela Pearson VTG BDSM Erotica Collectors Pub, 1967, 1st, 1, 13.8
Will Work for Drugs by Lydia Lunch Paperback Book First Printing in PB, 1, 3.6





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