UAW GS 3000B Patrol Guard Tour System

Straight from the Goodwill. This was some weird-ass looking thing, but also looked “tech”, so I searched for it.  I’ve seen guards using this thing. It’s like a “clock in” system that’s all over the freaking building. The guard on patrol has to tap all the metal buttons with that probe.

The resulting event log reconstructs where the guard was walking during his or her shift.

It’s an electronic leash, of sorts. Surveillance for the surveillance worker. It turns people into robots… but so does Facebook, and Ebay, I guess.

The cryptocurrency people talk about “zero trust” as a feature. That phrase almost describes this future: zero trust in people.

These sell for $250, so I set it at $135 w/best offer.  I wasn’t able to test it, just test the probe against one button, and it seemed to work – an LED lit up.

Source: UAW GS 3000B Patrol Guard Tour System Starter Kit SOLD AS IS


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