Henry Comic Newspaper Cartoons

Odds are, you have never heard of Henry, by Carl Anderson. It was a largely wordless newspaper comic strip about a bald boy who would often come up with a clever way to make money.

He’s an “entrepreneur” with a clever idea. It’s particularly American.

Is he a boy, or is he a man?

These wordless comic strips were also known as pantomime cartoons.

The cartoon is drawn in a draftsman like style that was popular in the first half of hte 20th century.  It’s similar to Ernie Bushmiller and Otto Soglow.

Hank Ketcham had a more organic line, but could also do “clean”. Likewise, Archie Comics and Bill Keane’s Family Circus also occasionally went in this direction. In the 1970s and 1980s, Jim Davis’ Garfield, Matt Groening’s Life In Hell were drawn in this style, but “looser” and more in a common style. Comic book artists Jaime Hernandez and Chris Ware are well known for their fine-line style and sometimes “cold” compositions which recalled the 1930s and 1940s comics.


Source: Henry by Carl Anderson Newspaper Comic Strips Early 1950s


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