Waitress DVD

Waitress by Adrienne Shelley, Keri Russell, Indie Movie, Widescreen DVD

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This is sometimes called the Keri Russell Pie Movie, because the title character is a genius of pies.  The Broadway Musical Comedy, Waitress, with words and music by Sara Bareilles, was based on this movie. Likewise, Waitress by Jessie Nelson was also based on this movie.

This is a good, but disturbing, movie. The cover makes it look like a comedy, and, while there are funny moments, it’s dark. There’s a lot of threats of domestic violence, and as I watched it, I wanted Russell’s character to leave the area and get to safety.

This movie is about a woman making a slow escape, having the effort thwarted, and then having a happy ending.  The happy ending looked so “tacked on”, as some kind of Hollywood Movie Requirement, so it might be a good idea to ignore it.

The director, Adrienne Shelley, was murdered before the film was released. It’s such a tragedy.

The film went on to do very well at the box office, for an indie movie, and has been adapted to a book and stage musical.

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