2017, Sex Harassment and Assault Scandals, #MeToo

2017 was a sea-change year, when women stood up and said they aren’t going to remain silent. I hope the social changes keep pushing forward. For some sales, however, it’s going to be strange.

I have several DVDs that I’m selling that are connected to the harassers, power trippers, and rapists who have been exposed. The products are at the boldface links.

Harvey Weinstein is now only known as a serial harasser and alleged rapist, but in the past, he was head honcho of Miramax in the 1980s, helping to push indie filmmaking into the big theaters. His directorial debut was the 1986 movie Playing for Keeps, featuring Marisa Tomei, and starring Michael Penn.

Louis C.K. likes to joke about sex, but reality trumped his standup act. Evidently, he likes to ask women to watch him masturbate.  Then, they give consent, because, hey, it’s Louis CK, and he can help make your career happen.  That’s the power of power. You get what you want, just by asking for it.  There’s an interesting, creepy, NSFW discussion about it on a forum for sexual harassers who like to expose their dicks. (You have been warned.)

Kevin Spacey was doing great with House of Cards, but his house of cards fell down when Anthony Rapp accused Spacey of making sexual advances on him when Rapp was 14 years old. Spacey responded with a “sorry not sorry” apology that basically said he didn’t remember, and if it happened, “sorry” for the lifetime of bad feels.  This came after a series of accusations that Spacey’s grabby hands made the work environment at HOC toxic.  I think Spacey was also “outed” as gay in this situation, but by and large, nobody cared about that. It was the age that made the headline.

Perhaps the days of enthusing over pederast Roman Polanski’s films are over.  “Middle aged men screwing 14 year old girls,” is strictly for the grandpa and great grandpa generation. If you want to be contemporary and on trend, don’t rape a teenager. Roy Moore knows.


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