Carpet Steamer Guide

I needed a steamer, quick, and decided to go the “used” route. This carpet steamer review is some of the research I did for this purchase.  (I ended up getting a Bissell for $20.)

Bissell QuickSteamer Light, Green, asking $50 – at Walmart **** NA, at Bissell, a comp costs $99. Possibly a different one at $125.  Ebay comp at $44 + postage. Great reviews. Low price, but the seller is asking for a lot.

Dirt Devil Easy Steamer asking $50 – I had one of these. The rubber parts wear out after a couple years of use.  It works really well, though. $20 comp on Ebay, and expensive parts. There was a blue model from 2012 that’s no longer sold.  There’s a 5 amp version that’s $90 everywhere.

Bissell ProHeat 25A32 asking $59 – a midrange steamer with a heater. Comp new $130. This is better than the QuickSteamer, above. This tier of products have heaters to help dry out the carpet.

Bissell QuickSteamer Light asking $35 – A white version of the green machine, but lighter. Probably weaker.

Bissell ProHeat Revolution Pet $90 – Retail is $250. 5 year warranty.

Bissell Big Green 86T3 $300 – pro-style, new condition. Retail price is $400 everywhere.  Fewer attachments, but seems to be the most durable unit. 5 year warranty.

Hoover Steam Vacuum $70 – “all terrain” works on carpet and hard floors. Similar new model is $160 or so, but prices range a lot.  1 year warranty. Seems to be some problem with people getting the seals tight.

Hoover Carpet Max Extract Dual V Deep Cleaner with Hose $85 – Retails $170 at Home Depot.

Hoover Max Extract 60  $95 –  $160 at Target. 2 year warranty.

Rental at Home Depot is $22 for 4 hours.  Rug Doctor is $29 at the Food 4 Less.  Cleaning solution is $15.  Total cost is around $50.

The best deal seems to be the $90 Bissell Revolution Pet, but the warranty may be non-transferable.  Second best seems to be rental.  I’m inclined to rent.

Next up is to look at the thrift stores some more.  They price steamers at around $30 to $40, so, it’s possible that the midrange and high end steamers will be priced low enough to justify a thorough cleaning and refurb, in order to resell it.

What Constitutes a Good Price?

A lot of these sellers seem to be asking 50% of the retail price.  That is absurd, because most of these have 1 and 2 year warranties.  I would assume that these older units will require a parts change, costing around $20, if you can find the part.  At $50 for the unit, that’s a TCO of $70 for one year… of a device that costs $100 to $150 brand new, with a warranty.

$20 is a more realistic price. I know, $20 is very low – but these machines, new, are pretty cheap. Each seller is in competition with “new and warrantied”.


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