Silver Spoon, Buss Fuses, C Clamp, Vintage Bottle, Super Magnets

Antique Silver Spoon and Vintage Bottle Junk Drawer Lot Sale

This is a practical junk drawer, with lots of actual useful stuff, and not many “collectibles”, but even the useful things are collectible.

The main event is the Rogers & Bro silver plated spoon. I’m not certain if this is authentic, but it probably is. It’s not exactly valuable, and most other sellers have a spoon in better condition.

2018-02-19 19.56.17

Rogers & Brothers was formed in 1847 and was merged with another company in 1855. So this was made during that period.

The rest of the box is newer stuff, but all is somewhat useful.  The batteries work. The fuses probably work. The magnets are cool – they are super powerful, and I used them to hold a metal object onto a metal surface.  The c-clamp works, and it is one of the old ones that’s forged and tapped, rather than pressed.  The paint bottle was used as an inkwell, and it is 1950s vintage. The key fob is a key fob. People need them. Same for the little felt pads you put under objects, to prevent them from scratching your table. The USA map is just fun to have. It’s a way to liven up a room.

I’m hoping someone out there needs a couple of these things, and also wants a couple of the things, and will bid it all up to something like $5.  I’m happy with $3.  It’s starting at 99 cents.

Auction: Junk Drawer Box

2018-02-19 19.41.24


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