Hose Bibb Washers for Chinese Faucets

Buy on Ebay: Made in China Washers for the Garden

We recently had a hose bibb, the garden water faucet, replaced, and this new one has already started leaking.  I fixed it with a 00 washer, but it wasn’t the right size.  It went onto the handle all messed up.

Eventually, I found the right item.

There are not widely sold in the US.

Most hose bibbs on the west coast use the 00 washer.  I think if the valve is made in the USA, it’s 00.  Now, 00 is a weird size, being slightly less than 1/2 inch, but the 00 washer is as common as pennies.

Then along comes this new thing.

If you find that the 00 doesn’t fit right, try out these washers.  $1.50 for three, delivered by mail.



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