CD, DVD, and LP Lots for Sale


I’m trying out this new format to sell DVDs for $1 or $2, and sending them without boxes.

This way, it’s feasible to lower the total shipping to around $3.50, which covers postage for several DVDs.  This way, you can five DVDs for under $9.

Check it out: DVD Pick Your Own Lot

(I messed this up the first time around, but it’s working now.)

Some titles are:

The Last First Comic – documentary about Irv Benson who started standup in burlesque / strip shows.

O Brother Where Art Thou – Coen Bros movie about guys breaking out of prison and being musicians.

Louis CK 2017 – scandalous comedian who likes to expose himself on stage.

Sunshine Cleaning – story about a woman who starts a cleaning service that cleans up after horrible disasters.

The Big Lebowski – Coen bros cult movie.

Waitress – woman stuck in a dead end life gets out with pies and overcoming patriarchy somewhat.

The Man Who Wasn’t There – Coen bros movie about a murderer.



Rock and Metal Lot with Dungen, Electric Eel Shock, Noise Addict – three rock acts not from the US or England.  If I were still listening to rock, I’d like these a lot.

Pop lot with Fatboy Slim, Ray Bryant, Modern English – Ray Bryant was new to me. This is a diverse set, but easy to listen to… but not “easy listening”.  Modern English’ CD was more interesting than expected.

Steve Reich CDs City Life Proverb Different Trains – lots of loud mixes and some dissonance.

Classical CDs Boulez Schoenberg Alban Berg Perlemuter Ravel – these don’t really fit together. Alban Berg may have been better in the Reich set above, but I needed a set.

These are all priced moderately. Not low, but not high, either.


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