CD, DVD, and LP Lots for Sale

[I’m running a Buy One Get One Half Off sale on Ebay. Check under “Media”.]

The CD and DVD markets are in decline, probably due to the players wearing out and breaking, and the fact that fewer players are being built.  This means, however, that amazing libraries of music are coming up for sale in the secondary market.

What we’ve seen with LPs, we’re going to see with CDs and DVDs.

One such collection was this library of Asian classical and traditional music. It’s a subject about which I know nothing, but listening to this collection was an education.

Ebay Search: World Music, Indian Classical, South Asian and Asian Traditional

2018-04-25 14.40.48.jpg

Other lots are less amazing, but still what I’d consider “good”. Click the links to see the listings.

Rock and Metal Lot with Dungen, Electric Eel Shock, Noise Addict – three rock acts not from the US or England.  If I were still listening to rock, I’d like these a lot.

Pop lot with Fatboy Slim, Ray Bryant, Modern English – Ray Bryant was new to me. This is a diverse set, but easy to listen to… but not “easy listening”.  Modern English’ CD was more interesting than expected.

Steve Reich CDs City Life Proverb Different Trains – lots of loud mixes and some dissonance.

Classical CDs Boulez Schoenberg Alban Berg Perlemuter Ravel – these don’t really fit together. Alban Berg may have been better in the Reich set above, but I needed a set.

These are all priced moderately. Not low, but not high, either.


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