CD, DVD, and LP Lots for Sale


I’m trying out this new format to sell DVDs for $1 or $2, and sending them without boxes.

This way, it’s feasible to lower the total shipping to around $3.50, which covers postage for several DVDs.  This way, you can five DVDs for under $9.

Check it out: DVD Pick Your Own Lot

(I messed this up the first time around, but it’s working now.)

Some titles are:

The Last First Comic – documentary about Irv Benson who started standup in burlesque / strip shows.

O Brother Where Art Thou – Coen Bros movie about guys breaking out of prison and being musicians.

Louis CK 2017 – scandalous comedian who likes to expose himself on stage.

Sunshine Cleaning – story about a woman who starts a cleaning service that cleans up after horrible disasters.

The Big Lebowski – Coen bros cult movie.

Waitress – woman stuck in a dead end life gets out with pies and overcoming patriarchy somewhat.

The Man Who Wasn’t There – Coen bros movie about a murderer.


Case Logic Album with around 60 CDs – lots of 90s hits, at a good, low price. I’m also selling this on Facebook and Craigslist, with around 20 more CDs (that I’m selling on Ebay) for slightly more.

Rock and Metal Lot with Dungen, Electric Eel Shock, Noise Addict – three rock acts not from the US or England.  If I were still listening to rock, I’d like these a lot.

Pop lot with Fatboy Slim, Ray Bryant, Modern English – Ray Bryant was new to me. This is a diverse set, but easy to listen to… but not “easy listening”.  Modern English’ CD was more interesting than expected.

Steve Reich CDs City Life Proverb Different Trains – lots of loud mixes and some dissonance.

Classical CDs Boulez Schoenberg Alban Berg Perlemuter Ravel – these don’t really fit together. Alban Berg may have been better in the Reich set above, but I needed a set.

Dungen, Tio Bitar – psychedelic rock.

The Up, Killer Up – Detroit psychedelic rock that has a proto-punk flavor. Long forgotten but re-released by John Sinclair of the MC5.

Velvet Underground, Loaded, and Vol. 3 of their discog including White Light White Heat – There’s not much to say about this.

Sonic Youth, Hits are for Squares – Starbucks comp of Sonic Youth, curated by other rock stars. It’s a pretty good collection.

Music from Valley Girl – Rhino put together a solid collection of songs from the famous 80s movie. I think it’s one of the better “80s” nostalgia comps, because it has a lot of lesser known, but typical 80s music with a strong Los Angeles flavor.

Pearl Jam, No Code – a CD with lots of extra “stuff” in the CD packaging. It’s interesting.

Sound d’Afrique – I have no way to evaluate this, but it’s from 1981 and kind of sounds like it.

Tuck and Patti, Tears of Joy – you may know this even if you don’t know who Tuck and Patti are. Well known jazz-pop cover of Time after Time.

Jake Shimabukuro – a CD and DVD of the well known ukelele musician.

These are all priced moderately. Not low, but not high, either.


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