Movie Lots for Sale

[I’m running a Buy One Get One Half Off sale on Ebay. Check under “Media”.]

Just as with CDs, the DVD and VHS players are obsolete and breaking, so the market for VHS and DVD are shrinking. I recently went to a store where they were selling tapes $1 for 10, and I got some.

I also have this accumulation of DVDs that I have bought and watched. I watch nearly all the DVDs I buy for resale, because I rarely make money reselling these.

Click on the links to see searches that should turn up my sales.

Big lot of horror classics and rarities, with some comedy –  it’s a diverse collection, but also kind of consistent. Old School.

2018-04-24 13.44.21.jpg


Comedy – this is a funny set, but also a freaking horrorshow of nightmares. I think Sunshine Cleaning is the only DVD that’s not connected to an incredible, horrific story – though the story itself is kind of horrific (it’s about a woman who operates a business cleaning up after deaths).

Here’s the laundry list of horrors: Coen Brothers – probably a little racist (I’m Asian and that’s my feeling, though I like their movies); Waitress – the filmmaker was murdered before this was released and went on to great success; Irv Benson – comedian started out at strip clubs; Playing for Keeps – dir. Harvey Weinstein; Louis C.K. – exhibitionist who used his power to show his penis to aspiring performers; Roseanne – did a reboot, had become a Trumptard.

I haven’t watched Playing for Keeps, but the rest of these DVDs are very good.


Eclectic Lot – this is a pretty good set of movies. There’s no common thread, but I liked most of these, especially Kung Fu Hustle and Helvetica.  Half of this set is violent, and the other half is non-violent.

There’s also this lot of science fiction and science fact (I stole that from Omni Magazine):

Three science fiction and fact DVDs – The OA is the best of the set. Sense 8, I was shocked to find, had pretty explicit sex scenes in it. Bill Nye is better as a news guest than as a show. I thought I was a fan until I saw this – but please understand that I don’t watch TV, so this may be good TV and I’m just ignorant. I have no idea who Karly Kloss is, but she is on the show.

I’m not a “movies guy”, so my collection isn’t too amazing, but I try to have interesting things to watch.



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