Pyrex, Fire King, Mosser Glass

Is that the currently trendy Mosser Glass Robin’s Egg Blue mixing bowl?

Heck no. It’s OG Pyrex, Delphite “Bluebell” from the late 1950s or 1960s!

It’s a fairly rare bowl that never really took off for Pyrex. It looks like a light blue milk glass, and it’s low key pretty.  It’s like a faded UCLA Bruin blue.

I’ve started to pay more attention to glassware, and will be listing some things I’ve found. For the most part, I’m focused on vintage American glass, because that’s what’s around.  Granted, I get the impression that the Midwest has a lot more glass than California has. Also, I don’t want to get sunk by my own enthusiasms, like I was with the small plates. I’d buy all kinds of ovenware if I could, but I’ll focus on the market.

This was a cool find:  1950s Pyrex Milk Glass for Hamilton Beach.

These were part of a Hamilton Beach mixer. The mixer was nowhere to be found, but the bowl were available.  These are from the 1950s.

The last Pyrex isn’t that old, and it’s my favorite bowl. I have been using this for a while, but it’s time to release it to the world (and acquire more bowls).

It’s the Pyrex Teardrop Bowl. I think this is a recent incarnation, not a vintage bowl. There were ones made in the 1960s, but I think this is from the 2000s.

Vintage 1960s bowls have:

  • A “tab” handle.
  • Clear glass.
  • “PYREX” on the bottom of the bowl.
  • Measurement lines inside the bowl, like it’s for cooking.

Contemporary bowls have:

  • A large handle that smoothly integrates with the bowl’s lip.
  • A handle with “Pyrex” embossed on it.
  • Blue tint to the glass, like contemporary clear Pyrex.
  • Microwave Safe – but I’m not sure it’s great in the oven.

These bowls are great. I used mine as a big ramen bowl. It’s time to let it go.

I have a new mission, anyway: Fire King Azurite teardrop bowls.



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