It was vintage to me, but not to my mom :/

I’ve been buying up way too much vintage glass, and like to purchase patterns that I remember from my childhood.  After a while, I had a couple of these Libbey Tawny Smoke steiners, and a few of these Arcoroc Lancer pattern rocks glasses.

These cups bring back so many nostalgic memories. The smoke glasses, I associate with orange juice. The clear ones remind me of cranberry juice and the 1980s.

I’ve been drinking out of these for weeks, feeling all retro.

So, this mother’s day, I gifted them to her.

I was so crestfallen, because she didn’t share the same enthusiasm I did for these.  She did recall owning some cups like those lancers, but her memories were not particularly special in the same way they were to me.

These weren’t memories of her childhood. They were my memories, and these cups took me back some 30 or 40 years.

So, the weren’t great gifts for her, but at least they help replenish her supply of glasses.  I guess she can break them, all over agains. 🙂

Libbey’s Tawny Smoke pattern is from the early 1970s, and is a simple, modern style. The shape is very much of the 1970s, and really couldn’t be any other era than the late 1960s to early 1970s.  The volume of the glass extends down into the foot, making this different from a goblet.

The Arcoroc Lancer pattern is a 1970s to 1980s pattern, and I’ve seen the old fashioned rocks cup and the taller 10oz cup all over the place. I have seen the water goblet and wine glass at the thrift shops, but didn’t know it was the same pattern.  I get the impression that these footed glasses were designed first, and then the DOFs and other regular glasses, but the design of the DOF is more coherent and better than the footed glasses.


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