1 Asian style small bowl green glaze

Origin Unknown

This Japanese style stuff is so popular that you can’t really guess where it’s made anymore.  I’ve seen some things made in China that look pretty good, and they’re made for what I think is a Japanese company.

I got some Tougen brand cups, and they were made in China.

For older, vintage items, there are a lot of marks that don’t say “made in Japan” but were made in Japan, for their domestic market.

For newer items, there may be a gold country of origin (COA) sticker, but there may also not be one.

I have no idea where these were made. They look pretty cool. They’re also a small bowl, which is commonplace in Japan, so it could be Japanese and made for the domestic market… or imported into Japan for their market, and then shipped to the US.  Or, it could be imported from another country into the US for the Asian American market, which also buys small plates and bowls.

(East Asian foods, particularly Japanese and Korean foods, are served on small bowls and plates, so it’s common to have three or four or more little portions on separate wares.  Chinaware that’s made by Noritake or other Japanese makers were created for export to the US and Europe, and that’s why they have large plates.)

Source: 1 Asian style small berry bowl green glaze oxide white swirl hand painted 4.5″


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