How to Get a Pair of Air Jordans Cheap

Here’s a stupid lifehack.  You want specific Air Jordans really bad. Retro ones that were made a while back. They’re selling for $220 on the sites like Goat and Flight Club. You can go cheap, if you are willing to take a risk and wait for a long time.  So this is for grown men and women, not children.

Go onto Ebay and search for the shoe: Air Jordan 7 Right Foot

Then save that search.

Then make another search: Air Jordan 7 Left Foot

Save that search.

Then, buy your shoes one foot at a time.

People sometimes sell single shoes, just one foot.  The prices may be high, or they may be low, but they could end up lower than a complete pair.

Shipping is around $7 to $10 per shoe. So, figure on $20 for shipping, and around $20 for each shoe.  You could have a pair of $200 shoes for $60.

Source: Right Foot Only 2005 Air Jordan Retro 7 Flint Grey (304775-151) Size 15


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