SOLD: Vintage World Map with USSR Namibia PDRY

I found this map in the garage, and just thought of it as a world map before the USSR fell.

What year was it, though?

Figuring that out is a little tricky, because the Russian Federation formed in 1991.  So, it’s pre-1991, but that could go back a while.

So, I looked at Africa.  In the 1950s and after, the colonies in Africa were falling to anti-colonial revolutions, and new nations were being formed from the 1950s to the present day.

Wikipedia has a timeline of geopolitical changes.

The African maps changed all the time.

So, I did some searches, and found out that Namibia was founded in 1990.  This map is contemporary with Namibia and pre-Russian Federation. It displays both Namibia and the USSR, which existed together only during part of 1990 and part of 1991.

Along with the end of the USSR, support for USSR allied countries also declined. I didn’t know about the People’s Democratic Republic of Yemen, but learned a little bit online.  PDRY is also on this map.  It merged with Yemen Arab Republic in 1991.

Source: World Map with USSR Namibia PDRY Circa 1990 1991


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