SOLD: Four Lehman Brothers Mugs on Auction, at the Same Time

Well, I may be a fool. I went ahead and listed four Lehman Brothers mugs for sale, to end one after the other, one per day. Here they are

Ending on Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4

So, now the market is flooded with these cups.  I’d listed one for auction around a month ago, after having them up at fixed prices (that I’d raise as they sold). It went to over $30, which I didn’t expect.

I was kind of hoping that the market had cleared, because the others didn’t sell super-fast. I guess I was wrong. There was a little bit of mania for Lehman Brothers mugs.

Anyway, I went back to the honey hole, and got these B-grade cups with a kind of serious printing flaw over the letter “L”.  With the pressure on to buy, but with the market filled with four available items, the prices should remain a bit lower.

That B-grade rating is kind of my joke. Remember how Moodys and other ratings agencies were giving AAA ratings to risky mortgage products? There won’t be any of that bullshit here. I’m telling you straight: there’s a little bit of ink missing from the “L”, so it won’t look right to the nitpickers out there.

I think they’re collectible, and also just usable as a great gag mug at work, if you happen to work in investment banking. It’s kind of morbid, I guess.

I’m just waiting and seeing. I hope they sell for maybe ten dollars each, but not much more. It’s just a mug.


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