Two More Lehman Brothers Mugs

Things went a little nuts with the second batch of Lehman Brothers mugs. They shot up like a rocket!I expected them to sell, but not to do much better than the first batch, which peaked at around $30 during an auction.

I guess someone really wanted it and bid it up to over $100!

So, I am not that big of a fool. I went back to the thrift store to see if the mugs were still there.   There were a dozen, initially. I bought only the OK looking ones, and left six behind.  The six sold quickly, and for a pretty good price.

The cups at the thrift vanished for a while, but then returned.

The next month, my sales were slow, so I went and bought four. I figured it was an easy $40 or so, and every dollar helps. I left two behind, figuring I shouldn’t hog this opportunity. You can’t take all the honey.

This second batch did better than the first, even though they have a printing flaw.

I went back, and the last two cups were still there. None of the resellers had been checking the mugs to see if they were selling!  It was a trip.  The first picture I’d taken, of that first mug, was right in the store. You can see it in the background.

So, I bought them.

At least one of these last two will go up for auction soon.


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