LGBT Literature and Feminist Literature

This is a broad two-category page, because I don’t have very much of it for sale, and there’s some overlap between the two.

The first LGBT book I sold was Pembroke Park by Michele Martin. I picked it up mainly because I recognized the publisher, Naiad Press, which had been covered heavily on a radio program (probably Feminist Magazine on KPFK).

Naiad Press was one of the first publishers of lesbian literature. Pembroke Park was romantic fiction.

Another title I picked up and have for sale is Three Plays by Robert Chesley. Again, KPFK played a part in my awareness, because Chesley wrote Jerker, which was performed on the station, and was reported to the FCC for indecency.

The last title I picked  up and have for sale is the legendary Alice B. Toklas Cook Book. This was a book of historic value:

  • published first in 1954, one of the first French cookbooks written for Americans, predating Julia Child’s books;
  • includes a recipe for hash brownies;
  • these dishes were eaten by the Lost Generation writers in France.

I don’t have much feminist literature or material for sale, and I feel remiss about it. I try not to collect books, because I have a tendency to hoard books.

One I do have for sale is From Parlour to Prison by Sherna Gluck, and oral history of the suffrage movement. This book was compiled and written as the Suffrage activists were aging and dying, so it’s of significant historic interest.

(Once again, KPFK figures in all this, as I met her through KPFK. During the early 2000s, she was part of the SAWANA group that produced Middle Eastern programming, and, hands down, it was some of the best new programming of that period.)

On a different account, I have a copy of Chariot of Flesh by Malcolm Nesbit aka Alfred Chester for sale. This is a particularly rare volume because it was a pirated version sold in Japan.


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