Merchant Ivory Films

I bought The Courtesans of Bombay strictly on recognizing “Merchant-Ivory”, a name from my youth, when film critics would talk on and on about Merchant-Ivory films. The film was engaging and wonderful, and prompted me to study the film company a little.

The expression “Merchant–Ivory film” has made its way into common parlance, to denote a particular genre of film rather than the actual production company. While 1965’s Shakespeare Wallah put this genre on the international map,[2] its heyday was the 1980s and 1990s with such films as A Room with a View and Howards End. A typical “Merchant–Ivory film” would be a period piece set in the early 20th century, usually in Edwardian England, featuring lavish sets and top British actors portraying genteel characters who suffer from disillusionment and tragic entanglements.

— Wikipedia

I see why I hadn’t seen these films. They were not the kind of films I watched. They were more like the English-accented films that would be run on PBS.

Having seen Courtesans, however, I’m now intrigued. A complete filmography is up at the Merchant-Ivory website, but I’d like to focus on obtaining and watching the following US productions. Presumably, they are more available here.

As I watch these, I’ll aggregate them into a listing of movies for sale, so the entire collection, of what I’ve watched, can be purchased at once.

  • The Delhi Way
  • Savages
  • The Wild Party
  • Sweet Sounds
  • Roseland
  • The Five Forty-Eight
  • The Europeans
  • Jane Austen in Manhattan
  • The Bostonians
  • Slaves of New York
  • Mr. and Mrs. Bridge
  • The Ballad of the Sad Cafe
  • Howards End
  • Remains of the Day
  • Jefferson in Paris
  • Cotton Mary
  • The Golden Bowl
  • Mystic Masseur
  • Heights
  • The White Countess
  • The City of Your Final Destination

I figure this project should take several years.

For Sale: The Courtesans of Bombay



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