Get a Book for 45% Off – Ebay Volume Pricing

I just set up Volume Discounts for books, and put all my books in there. The more you buy, the more you save. I set it up so the second book in your shopping cart shaves 15% off the total. Discounts increase by 15% per book, up to 4 books, for a total of 45% off. That’s a huge discount.  Check this out: You want a $19.99 book and an $11 book.  The 15% discount gets you down to  $26. Shipping is another three dollars or so. By adding a couple cheap $2 books to the shopping cart, you take the discount up to 45%, and the total price with shipping goes down to around $23! Think about that. Buying one book would have cost you around $23. You can get four books for $23. Check out my store: ZombiesOfTheInformationSociety

Links to the Most Expensive Books

Accuracy of Spatial Databases Commercial Art Stradegy, Advertising in the Digital Age Lot of 4 Henry Miller Books Sizing Up Tokyo Union Dues PS – this sale won’t last. I created it, thinking it would be a good thing, but it’s causing me to price my books too high. If I can’t get that habit to abate, I’ll need to stop volume pricing.

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