SOLD: Kmart T-Shirt

Blue shirt with a commemorative logo, and the logo on there is the old-school Kmart in blue-green and red. It’s not the later “kmart” in lowercase with the big K. Kmart used that logo until 1990… but I think some stores still had it a while longer.
The shirt has a stain on it, but that doesn’t detract from the historic nature of this shirt. Nobody is going to notice the stain when they see the old Kmart logo on your chest. Memories!
K-Mart was started by the S.S. Kresge company, which owned discount drug stores.  The first K-Mart store opened in 1962 in Garden City, Michigan. So, this Commerce store opened the same year as the first K-Mart!
The Commerce Center Mall also has a Food King, a Two Guys, a Thirfty’s. My family didn’t live close to this mall, but my father took us there several times. I do remember the K Mart and the Two Guys and the Food King. I also remembered the sign for the mall. It’s so weird the things  you remember from your youth.
The City of Commerce was established in 1960, to avoid annexation by Los Angeles and Vernon. It’s one of those unusual cities that have relatively few residents and lots of businesses, similar to Vernon, but with a lot more people. The city established this mall and sucked tax revenues out of the East Los Angeles area, and K-Mart was part of that strategy!
This store continued to do business as K-Mart all these years. When it closed in 2016, a lot of people were sad. It closed as part of the widespread downsizing they underwent after merging with Sears. Being in competition with Target down at the other end of the mall probably didn’t help.


Memories of a Lost Boulevard

Kmart on Yelp – people are so negative on here. I thought this Kmart had nice people in it. It was a mess, but… compared to the one on 3rd St. over in Fairfax, Commerce was orderly. And people say nobody goes there? The Kmart up in Temple City was barren. The one on Slauson was super-narrow – but I kind of liked that. That one on Slauson had the longest lines for returns. I remember the one on Garvey as well.

Kmart on Wikipedia


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