Sold: Documentary Fan Treat: History Channel 2008 DVD

Here’s an FYC Emmy screener I found at the Goodwill. It doesn’t specify the year, but I think it’s 2008. This wasn’t complete, but turned out to be a good set of DVDs. I like documentaries, and look forward to finding more of these.The descriptions will be filled in as I review each disc.


Battle 360

Ice Road Truckers

Ax Men

Cities of the Underworld * – A look back into Vietnam’s wartime underground military operations, a network of bunkers and tunnels.

Modern Marvels * – Corn! Look at how corn is made and has affected the world.

King *** – Good perspective on MLK’s personality. Lots of the usual footage, but also some nice bits with his children. It’s a bit of a “feel good” documentary. I enjoyed it.

Life After People *** – Instant classic for anti-civilization people. A scientific film about what happens to buildings and other things after people vanish and nature takes over the structures. Plenty of old school computer graphic animations of objects disintegrating quickly. If you’re into entropy, this will be fun to watch.

The True Story of Charlie Wilson ** – Charlie Wilson helped to arm and join the war in Afghanistan against the USSR invasion. Lots of interview footage with Wilson, and a lot of biographical info along with the overview of the Afghan war. This came out after the film “Charlie Wilson’s War”. I think this film was supposed to make him likeable, but I think he’s an asshole.

A Global Warning? ** – a scary doc about how we’re going to end up cooked by climate change.

History of the Joke with Lewis Black *** – an analytical, but funny deconstruction of how jokes operate. Made the set for me.

For sale soon. Search for History Channel FYC DVD 2008 2009.


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