Depression Glass Reference Books

For sale, a set of two older editions about Depression Glass.

Gene Florence’s is an excellent book with numerous color photos. Depression glass was made in bright colors like pink, green, blue, and yellow, as well as more muted colors like white, translucent milk glass, and clear, so color photos help you learn to spot likely pieces by sight.

Kovel’s is a smaller volume, and the contents are mainly an index, with mainly B&W photos, and is suitable for carrying in the car to identify pieces. Kovel’s also covers American Dinnerware, which includes postwar dinnerware with more modern designs. Kovels index contains small black and white photos with the contrast enhanced so you can more easily see the pattern.

The values listed in the book are out of date, but the information doesn’t change too much.

2 Depression Glass Reference Books For Sale

What is the Value of Depression Glass?

It’s difficult to nail down the most valuable Depression glassware prices, because the market changes. Demand during the 1980s and 1990s was high, as Baby Boomers who had nostalgia for the glass came into more money, and the supply was plentiful in thrift stores and garage sales.

Today, the pieces are rare, and circulate in a collectors market more than in thrift stores. So prices may be higher overall, but there may not be price wars for specific patterns. Additionally, popular patterns like Fiestaware and Bauer Ringware were revived, so the values for the vintage pieces has changed.


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