Distressed T-Shirt from Los Angeles Trade Tech College

This is a worn out shirt from LATTC, and it’s got holes and a frayed collar. The shirt is old, but in pretty good shape, because it’s printed on a blank by JanSport, a high quality shirt manufacturer. The bright safety orange dye is still pretty bold, even when it’s been faded. The fabric is in acceptable condition. The size is XXL.

This would be a good prop or wardrobe for any television theater or film production taking place in Los Angeles or Southern California, with a working class character or family.

I sell shirts with a liberal return policy, so you can return it for a refund, excluding the costs of shipping.

LA Trade Tech is a working class college located in South Central Los Angeles, near USC. It has a well renowned fashion program, and extensive engine mechanics, construction, and culinary programs. LATTC also has a labor studies program, and works closely with the labor unions. Demographically, the school is diverse, with students from all races, Latino/Hispanic, Black, White, Asian.

For sale on Ebay.


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