Pricing Errors

Arrrgh. I made another pricing error, and am going to be eating around five dollars.

I’ve been dealing with a big move, to clear out some space temporarily to fix this apartment, and have been dropping prices to encourage sales. Sales mean that I don’t need to move the items to the temporary storage.

So, one of the errors: I dropped a pair of shoes to $10, and they had free shipping. The buyer got a great deal on some cool shoes. They may even be able to resell them.  The shipping’s going to be 6.90 for Priority Flat Rate Envelope.

After the cost of the shoes and the fees, I’ll be eating a loss. It’s my own fault.

I quickly did a search through my listings, looking for free shipping, and ended those listings. It was kind of weird, too, because I didn’t remember setting free shipping on some of them. That’s fishy.

I hate when I make a pricing error, but I do fulfill the order. It’s just good karma, because I sometimes buy things that have pricing errors. You win some, you lose some. Congratulations to the buyer.


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