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Black Beanie

Source: Beanie, Black Watch Cap, Bell


French Style Potato Masher

Source: Antique French Style Potato Masher Dot Pattern Mask Collectible Craft

Has a varied dot pattern, and four wires from the handle, which is reminiscent of French potato mashers. Also, the surface of the masher is convex, which is like French mashers.

There’s a whole “potato masher” decoration thing happening. I do not understand this. Is is because we’re all forced into low-carb diets? Is it because we’re all using boxed potato flakes? Is there a new potato mashing machine that I don’t know?

Levis 501s, Made In The USA

Source: Levis 501 Naturally Distressed Classic Jeans 36 29 Dmgd Hem Made In USA

Levis 501, blue button fly. Made in the USA, probably late 1990s. Inseam is the actual inseam. Levis measurements are based on the unwashed length. They were in my family. Waist: 36 to 37.

I may have worn these. I’m not sure.  They’re different from current Levi’s. They’re thicker and last longer.

US 395 Route Guidebook

A booklet of history and stopping points along 395. I got this from a small museum called the Eastern California Museum, in Independence.

Being from a big city, I didn’t know about small museums. There are dozens all over the place in rural areas, and also in some cities. (There is one in El Monte.) They’re a pretty short visit, because they aren’t that large, but still worth visiting. You just need lower expectations; you can’t go in expecting to spend all day at the place.  It’ll be an hour or two, depending on how interested you are in the collection.

Source: US 395 Route Guidebook, Central Valley, East California, Manzanar

Quitting Blogging For Today

I apologize to all the subscribers who are getting a flood of posts. I’m trying out blogging to push Ebay items, and just cranking them out.  My goal is to be able to write multiple short posts per hour.

In the future, I’ll try to figure out how to not send so many posts… or perhaps just wait for people who want to see all the posts.  I have no idea what to do.

The post itself doesn’t seem to be important. Most aren’t ever read by a single person. The google indexer finds it, and follows the link to Ebay, and I’m hoping the ebay page ends up in Google search results.  I don’t know if this practice will result in my site being blacklisted, or if it’ll help boost the post.

My content is real. I mean, it really is really written by me, and it’s my thought.  It *is* also link building, but it’s also real commentary, and much of the comment is critical of the products being sold.  The blog, as a collection of articles, I think, has some insight into *something*, even if it’s only what I’m thinking about at the time.  It’s hurried and sloppy, but that’s what happens when you are trying to crank out many articles at one sitting.

So I hope Google retains this site as both, a link farm, and a genuine blog.  I defy anyone at the indexes to read the material, and say the collection is less substantial than the material written about similar products on other websites.