The Landon School of Cartooning

Yipes! I found out that Taro was studying cartooning via the Landon school, a well known correspondence art school. Continue reading The Landon School of Cartooning


J.S. Ogilvie Publisher

From the Cambridge Tribune, No. 42, 14 December 1907

J. S. Ogilvie Publishing Co.

No publishing house In the country outdoes J. S. Ogilvie Publishing Company, of New York, In Its output of paper covered books at very low prices, thus bringing within the reach of the people at large many books which, but for this method of the Ogilvie house, they would be denied. Ogilvie catalogues contain an almost bewildering array of titles, every subject pertaining to human affairs being apparently Included. Continue reading J.S. Ogilvie Publisher

Dehoarding: Japanese American and Asian 1960s Ephemera First Lot

These photos show a portion of the material in this group of documents. There is a cartoon book, a pack of Ainu postcards, several Japanese American newspapers, clippings, civic publications from different Asian countries, and a Little Tokyo business map. All 1960s. This isn’t yet listed for auction. Contact if you want to purchase it or pay to have it sent to some archive.