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Despite Everything – A Cometbus Omnibus

I waited for this for years, and got it as a gift when it came out. and barely even read it. I’d read most of the zines, and drifted away from it over the years. By the time I heard of this, I was just a different person.

Aaron Cometbus wrote a popular zine wherin he vagabonded around the country doing the “punk tourist” thing, meeting up with penpals, being homeless. A lot of his essays were thinkpieces about the meaning of life, and how to live life.  I think a lot of contemporary vanlife vagabonding has roots in the 1990s DIY punk anarchy culture, which, in turn, has roots in the hippie culture. Cometbus, more than other zines, pulled these threads between the hippies and punks together.

Source: Despite Everything – A Cometbus Omnibus Last Gasp VG First Edition 90s Punk


Big Book of Swing by Bill Treadwell

ForSale on Ebay The Big Book of Swing

I’d call this a book about “White Jazz” because there was a split in jazz. I don’t know jazz history, but Paul Whiteman and his orchestra took jazz and modified it, making it more orchestral. This eventually led to swing jazz.  They called him the “king of Jazz”.  I have admit, I thought that sounded a lot like “the king” as in Elvis Presley, another white guy who made a career from appreciating and copying, maybe appropriating, Black music, and selling it to white audiences.

That’s not to dis this book. It has a lot of information about Black artists. How could a jazz book not? It’s just odd to put Ozzy and Harriet on the same plane as even Dinah Washington.  Or even Glen Miller and the Dorsey brothers, for that matter.

The 1990s Swing Revival

Now, jumping back. Swing jazz is not what the Brian Setzer Orchestra played. The 1990s “swing” revival sounded a lot more like 1950s Rhythm and Blues and Rock and Roll.  I don’t think most people know swing.  Listen to A-Train by Billy Strayhorn, a song everyone knows, and considered both jazz and swing. Most swing jazz was less rhythmic and less “rockin” than A-Train.  Swing jazz was more like what we’d call “easy listening”. Listen to Opus One by Tommy Dorsey, another well known song.

Meanwhile, Black Jazz was more like Night in Tunisia by Dizzy Gillespie. That’s the 1940s!  Which sounds more like the rockers who revived “swing” in the 1990s?  It’s the Black Jazz because it’s closer to the blues.  The white rockers reviving swing in the 1990s were rewriting history, making swing jazz sounds a lot less boring than what it had become.

Like I said, I’m a jazz history ignoramus, and these are only three examples, and all of them are famous songs. I just think

it’s plain to see what happened.

Maybe if this book doesn’t sell soon, I’ll photograph the article about Paul Whiteman and post it here.

Anyway, whatever. It’s still an interesting book. I saw a Paul Whiteman book in the hoard somewhere, and will probably lot them both up.

Bless Me, Ultima by Rudolfo Anaya

This is a second printing of Bless Me Ultima, with some text in front.

Anaya’s novel about Mexican American life in rural New Mexico is considered the first published novel from the Chicano movement.  It synthesizes the Chicano worldview integrating the indigenous experience into the story.

For sale on Ebay: Bless Me Ultima by Rudolfo Anaya

More about it on Wikipedia.

Walter T. Foster Modern Cartoon Instruction

If you look up the Walter Foster art books, you will see a lot of painting books focused on illustrating fruit or scenery, or the ocean, decrepit barns, cute doggies, or human heads.  All that is fine, but there was also a whole other set of books you don’t see so often, and it’s the cartooning and illustration of women, often in suggestive poses.  This is one of those books!

For sale on Ebay: Modern Cartoon by Walter T. Foster

Jazzyturno by Bocafloja

I didn’t know anything about Bocafloja, mainly because he raps in Spanish. His style is also kind of popular, so, maybe another impediment there. I’ll check this out some more before passing judgment. This particular CD is not showing up on many searches. It seems like only people in Japan are selling it on Amazon.  So it’s really expensive.

For sale: Jazzyturno by Bocafloja

NBA Logo Cap Retro

Unknown age. I am suspecting the 1990s because of the text style, and the asymmetric layout. Unusual cap with the NBA logo offset to the right, and bottom. Sports Specialties logo on the left side, and another NBA logo on the right side.

Logo is offset to the left. The cap is reminiscent of the better known white cap with the NBA logo in front, but it’s off to the side.

Source: NBA Logo Cap Asymmetric Black Sports Specialties Retro Vintage

Veneered 16″ Chess Board Green and Yellow Figured Maple

For sale on Ebay: Veneered 16″ Chess Board 1.5″ squares Green and Yellow Figured Wood

There are several people selling this board, new, branded House of Staunton, for around $180.  That seems crazy to me, but, whatever. I have a used one that’s faded, so it’s a lot cheaper.

Evidently, all the wood is maple.  “Erable” is French for maple.  The green parts are stained wood.  A new board has a lot more contrast: the green is bright, and the light squares are a paler yellow.  This board probably just aged, and the light wood got darker, and the green pigments in the stain faded.  Maybe they used a green dye.  It doesn’t really matter, because the real feature of this board is the figure in the wood.

Figure is the wavy pattern in the wood. You can’t see it in the photos, but the fine lines in the wood cause the patterns to reflect light, almost shimmering, and have a “3D” appearance.  The birdseye maple figuring makes the little waves look like spheres bulging out of the wood.  The bigger waves in the green make it looks like ripples in water, or the rainbows on soap bubbles.

The wood was cut into a veneer, and the pieces arranged so they would look nice.  Because the slices are all from one part of the tree, they look similar, and can be arranged almost symmetrically.  It’s a nice effect.