The Dehoarding Project

I’m removing and disposing of the hoard at my mom’s house. It’s my father’s stuff.

Are you interested in #LosAngeles, #VintageEphemera, and #JapaneseAmerican Culture? Do you like old books from the 50s 60s and 70s? There’s some stuff about war, police, politics, and other things going on back then. (And some #PulpSex?)

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As I go through the remains of the hoard, I’ll photograph a lot of it for myself and family. Some of the less personal photos will be posted here, and some things will be of general interest, so I’ll post them for sale on Ebay. (Some of the items will be my stuff, as well.) I’m trying different listing strategies, so, sometimes, an item will be listed over and over, and sometimes, only once or twice, and then disposed.  Other things might be listed once, and then I’ll just leave it unlisted.

If you know someone who might be interested, tell them about this blog and ongoing sale. Retro folks might just want to read the materials. Crafters may want old material for their projects. Collectors may want the old magazines.

Here’s how to keep up with the progress of de-hoarding, so you can be notified of sales:

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Follow “declutter69” in Instagram. This will have the best photos, but not all listings.

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